Sunday, December 5, 2010

My Unforgettable Memory in My Life

I have a lot of experiences but this is an experience that I will never forget. It happened when I was in form 3. After PMR, all form 3 students felt like the “honeymoon time”. We felt that we could do whatever we wanted to do and we felt happy.
On the Wednesday night, my friend, Faez and I went out silently to cyber cafĂ© at 11.30 p.m. We finished playing computer game at 12.15 a.m. and we wanted to go back to our school. While we were walking, two men with motorcycle came to us. They asked for some money. At that time I could tell that they were gangsters.  My friend refused to give money to them. The men take out their knife to threaten us. I felt scared but Faez that looked very calm. Suddenly faez kick their motorcycle and they fell. Faez and I ran and hide at the other school that is located in front of my school. The gangsters came to find us and we were trapped in that school. We felt scared and we just stayed quiet. I felt very tired and I asked Faez to wake me up if I fell asleep.
When I open my eye, many students were looking at me. Feaz was still asleep behind me. I woke him up. When we wanted to go back, a teacher came and asked who we are and I told him about the last night incident. He laughed and he said that we deserved it. All students started to laugh. Then the teacher let us go. We went back to our school.
At our school, all students have started their lesson. We thought we could escape from being caught when we want to go back to our hostel, but Ustaz Mat managed to catch us. Then he punished us. Since that incident we promised to ourselves that we would not escape from school again.   

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Listening to English songs can help students improve their English language

Today, English is one of the most frequently used languages in the world. This can be seen that, most part of the world use English as their lingua franca. It is argued that listening to English songs can help students improve their English and this will be proven by analyzing improvement in terms of pronunciation and vocabulary.
Firstly, in my opinion students can improve their English by listening to English songs because they can hear the correct pronunciation through the song. For example, research has shown that most of the students who listen to English songs has improve their pronunciation. This example clearly shows that English can help us to improve our pronunciation. It is obvious that, students can improve their English by listening to English songs thus their pronunciation.
Secondly, listening to English songs can help students to gain more vocabulary. For instance, most of the western songs may carry unique words such as forte, misery, pawpaw and something else. It is obvious when looking this example that most of the western songs contain unique words which we do not normally hear. From this, students can acquire their vocabulary.
After analyzing the areas of the benefits that English can contribute to students in Malaysia. As has been shown, listening English songs can help students improve their English in terms pronunciation and vocabulary. It is expected that the usage of English will be widely spread among all the students in the future if they are encourage to listen to English songs.              


Some people see the picture just as a photo which will not affect their lives. But they do not know that some photo has change this world. Photo has affected all people in this world.I know this is not a new thing for us because photo has change this world for a long time

For the example, this world feel very sad when they look to this photo. When this photo came out many people try to help them to get a better life. They also condemn countries which made this people suffer. This is the proof photo can change the world.This photo also has change our goverment. We can see Malaysia goverment make a donation to Palestin.

Photo also can motivate us. What we feel when look to this photo? When I look to this photo my heart will say I must in this photo for the future. This show that photo also can play with our emotional. We will look to this photo we will feel more spirited to study.